ricardo-profile4VELA NZIMANDE- The Long Roads, by Adilson Ricardo Morais Sibingo

Vela Nzimande is a core staff member at Durban Language Centre, working in maintenance and operations. He has taken part in several comrades and long-distance races since 2014. Vela initially started running as a sport to become physically.

Ever since he took this initiative, he has conquered great distances and his extraordinary completion times are proof of his talent and proficiency at running. Vela’s initial goal to conquer his own physical abilities, transcend and exceed his own physical capacity, by taking on the Comrades Marathon Green Number Club  Roll of Honour.   

The criteria for inclusion in the Green Number Club Roll of Honour are 3 Comrade Marathon Wins, 5 gold medals or 10 medals ranging from Wally Hayward, Silver, Bill Rowan, Bronze, VIC Clapham and Back 2 Back.

Gold is awarded to first 10 men and women; Wally Hayward is awarded to position 11; Silver is awarded to runners who’ve achieved a time under 6 hours; Bill Rowan is awarded to runners who have achieved a time under 7 hours and 30 minutes; Bronze is awarded to runners who have achieved a time under 9 hours; Back 2 Back is awarded to novices that complete an up and down run consecutively.

Vela has completed two Comrades Marathons, and won 1 bronze medals so far over the 89 km with an extraordinary time of 9 hours and 7 minutes on his first run in 2015 and with a time of 8 hours on his second run this year. A massive improvement of 1 hour and 7 minutes!

Vela states, “The key to success is to keep going and have faith.”

While other runners enjoy running their hardest for a certain period of time then walk it off for a period of time, he likes to maintain a constant running pace so that he does not overexert himself or slow down. He believes that doing this he is able to cover more ground and improve his time every time.

Vela admits that training is crucial for running marathons as it is draining and pushes you to the physical limit. Vela trained for 6 months before he started to partake in running competitions.  He first began training by himself but said that he’d often set training times for himself, but he’d unfortunately miss them due to the affairs he’d had to attend during the course of the day. He then joined a running club called the Durban Runner and ever since he grew to love running as a sport because to him,

“…running is always better when running with other people.”

Vela trains 5 times a week and runs 20 km for two hours during his training and trains twice a week with his running club The Durban Runner.

Vela feels that doing running as a sport changed his lifestyle as a whole. He now leads a healthier lifestyle, eats right and is happier on a daily basis. For our readers he highly recommends taking on some form of physical endeavour on a daily basis whether it’s a sport or gym. He feels that it is highly important for the body and mind as one is relieved of stress during physical exercise and overall feels better in body and mind.

Vela will be participating in the Goss & Balfe Sapphire Coast Marathon on the 16th of October for a 42 km run and he is hard at work physically preparing himself to conquest another great feat. We will be cheering for Vela from the sidelines.

You Go Vela!