About Our School

Durban Language Centre caters for adult learners (18+) of English from South Africa and abroad. We offer top-quality General English classes at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced level.

We also offer specialised teacher training courses. These range from introductory courses for candidates with no teaching experience to advanced in-service training for qualified teachers who want to improve and diversify their skills.

Durban Language Centre is an established school based in a green suburb of Durban, South Africa. The school is only 5 minutes from the city centre and has a lovely garden.

We have a football field, tennis courts, and a wide range of restaurants from take-out to fine dining, and  within 2 – 5 minutes walk.


Thanks to the staff and teachers of the Durban Language Centre, for your passion, and your appreciation for quality. Your school is the best!

Gary Selliers

About Our City

Durban is a beautiful sub-tropical city on the East coast of Africa. Durban Language Centre is situated in a green suburb called Glenwood, overlooking the city on a ridge called ‘The Berea’. Durban has many restaurants, stores, coffee shops, entertainment and accommodation options. 

The suburb of Glenwood has great award winning restaurant with a range of choices from Sushi to Hamburgers, including many Halaal choices. 

Every year millions of South African and international visitors flock to Durban’s golden beaches, especially during the school holidays in December, January and July. 


About Our Teachers

Our teachers are all highly qualified, in particular they have a TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification from one of the major international teacher training centres.

We are fortunate to be able to employ teachers who have been trained by Carla, or other teacher trainers she has worked with over the past decade, to ensure that our staff are not only qualified, but also excellent teachers in their own rights.

Carla has made sure her staff are qualified, cosmopolitan, and student focused.

We pride ourselves in making language learning fun, using effective teaching techniques and maintaining high standards of professionalism.

Having the only DELTA qualified teacher trainer permanently residing in Durban as a director means that course quality is maintained, and classes are monitored regularly to map learner progress.

We feel it is important for our teachers to not simply guide students through a text book, but rather to create materials which will be relevant to students and the conversational situations they need to master.

For that reason, we try to encourage reading and writing practice be saved for homework, focusing more on communication, and language usage in class, a method which has been proven to work, and is recommended by our teacher training gurus.

  • Foreign Students 80% 80%
  • Local Students 20% 20%
  • Maximum students from one country 20% 20%

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