General English classes are available across 6 levels, and each student is tested before joining a class. Classes are available for:

Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Classes are from 12:00am to 14:00pm (GMT + 2) Monday to Friday.




(Not currently Available) Business English classes are for students who have reached at least an Upper Intermediate level. No Grammar is taught, and the focus is strictly on improving the students use of English in a business context, with regard to reading, writing, and speaking.

9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays.



Grammar and Conversation classes or G&C are for students who would like to improve their English, but don’t have the time or budget to study full time.

Classes are focused on improving students knowledge and use of English grammar, and to enhance the knowledge with lots of speaking and listening practice.

Lessons are online with highly qualified and experienced English teachers.

9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays.


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Durban Language Centre   uses the “Communicative Method” of language teaching. Grammar is taught every day, but the new language is practised with a focus on real communication. Each day you can expect to:

  • Revise and  learn a new language items
  • Revise and learn new vocabulary
  • Practice speaking
  • Use listening and reading skills
  • Writing tasks are usually set for homework in order to maximize valuable class-time.
General English :

09:00–10:30 Lesson 1
10:30–10:45 Tea break (15 mins)
10:45–12:15 Lesson 2
12:15–12:30 Tea break (15 mins)
12:30–13:30 Lesson 3

Private Lessons :

Monday – Friday:  8:00 am to 20:00 pm.
Saturday: 9:00 am to 13:30 pm

Saturday Classes :

Business English : 09:00 to 13:30
Grammar and Conversation:  9:00 to 13:30

General English : prices start at R1850.00 per week

Private Lessons : R350.00 per hour onsite or R450.00 offsite

Saturday English Classes : R2200.00 for 8 weeks

*Rates subject to change
Acceptance letters can be provided, and South African Home Affairs issues visas for students who wish to study in Durban.
For students from some countries, it is possible to visit South Africa on a visitors visa for 90 days and study a course while you are here. 

We offer a variety of English courses and classes.

The classes are available in several levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

Durban Language Centre offers private lessons which can be arranged to suit your daily schedule.
On Saturdays, we offer two different types of classes:

Grammar and Conversation

Business English

We run those courses for 8 weeks.

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