General English for business


Teacher training classes with new teachers

General English for Business

Study General English at 6 levels. Write a test before joining a class. Teachers have the Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification.

Classes are available 2 evenings per week, so please complete our short placement test to apply.

Grammar and Conversation

Grammar and Conversation classes are for students who have limited time. Students therefore attend lessons one evening per week with experienced and qualified teachers. Click here for more information.


Free English Lessons

Durban Language Centre offers free lessons with teachers in training. There are two levels, but spaces are limited and the classes are sometimes more entertaining than educational.

Mixed classes are called “teaching practice” with grammar, language, speaking, listening, and lots of speaking being the focus, however the teacher  gives writing and reading as homework. 

The new teachers engage enthusiastically with students, which leads to an excellent learning environment.

Private English Lessons

Durban Language Centre arranges private lessons to suit your daily schedule, always taught by our most qualified and experienced teachers.

HR departments or managers receive detailed reports to maximise the value of the lessons. 

A regular schedule, helps keep students motivated, and a structured syllabus sustains the learning process. 

Teachers can focus on written texts, such as emails or assignments. Students complete a needs analysis to determine their priorities.