Student Write-ups

Have a read at what our students have to say about Durban and DLC!

Livau, a General English student at Durban Language CentreLivau Nhangave, Mozambique

Learning languages it’s the most important thing that we do to construct our future and English is the universal language and I’m learning because I want to study in a country that the languages are Mandarin and English. I came to Durban because it’s one of the best countries to learn languages.

I’m having a good experience in this school, I think that the teachers are good and the methodology they use is appropriate.

About the city (Durban) I think that it’s a nice and good place to be. The city has a lot of entertainment, it’s a beautiful place, buildings, nature, road, markets, shopping, gardens, zoo, etc.

Etienne, France

Etienne, a General English student at Durban Language CentreI arrived in Durban three weeks ago, so I don’t have a definite opinion yet. The winter is much milder than the winter I know in France.

The people are more friendly compared to French people. The road infrastructure is very good but the people take useless risks on the road.


 The lessons in DLC are very good. The atmosphere of the school also. It’s useful because the teacher gives us the key for English improvement. And, he ?? I find the lesson about like review a little bit too easy.

 South Africa

 I find South Africa very interesting about this history. I heard a lot of bad stories about violence, these stories had been told by South African citizens. Fortunately, until now I didn’t be a real witness or actor of this kind of event. I think they are a lot of diversity. I meet black, white, coloured and Indian origin people in several weeks.


Claudia, Brasil

Claudia, a General English student at Durban Language Centre In February 2017, I arrived in Durban, my first opinion about here was I felt afraid because the people are speaking very difficult, I thought that been impossible to communicate. Now I feel very comfortable because this is a good place, the people are very polite and the weather is awesome.

I am studying in DLC, I am learning English. In DLC I have big opportunity to meet the people from different countries, for me, it is very important to my life.

I have made many new friends and I know beautiful places. I love Durban