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Cambridge CELTA or DLC TEFL?

The first step to Teaching English as a Foreign Language is to decide if you are able to complete a full time one month CELTA course, or a three month part time TEFL course.

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Cambridge CELTA

The Full time Cambridge CELTA course runs for 5 weeks and is suitable for those who are able to study full time for 1 month. CELTA is externally moderated by Cambridge, so you receive a certificate from the University of Cambridge English Assessment.

Why choose  Cambridge CELTA

  • Recognised in over 70 countries
  • Get expert training and feedback on your teaching.
  • The 130-hour course builds a strong foundation in English language teaching.
  • Regulated by Ofqual at level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and given premium product endorsement by NEAS in Australia.

Part-time CELTA

The Part-time CELTA course runs for 10 weeks and is suitable for those who are working or studying full-time.

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CELTA is a long-established qualification for people who want to work as English language teachers. Based on an intensive four-week course, or more extended part-time study, it combines theoretical and practical study with extensive face-to-face teaching practice. CELTA courses are available at over 300 approved centres in more than 70 countries.

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Durban language centre

Durban Language Centre is a language school and teacher training centre in Durban, South Africa. We specialise in teaching English to foreigners, but also offer part time or private lessons in Zulu, French and Spanish.

Durban Language Centre caters for adult learners (18+) of English from South Africa and abroad. We offer top-quality General English classes at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced level.

We also offer specialised teacher training courses. These range from introductory courses for candidates with no teaching experience to advanced in-service training for qualified teachers who want to improve and diversify their skills.

  • Foreign Students – 80%
  • Local students – 20%
  • Maximum Students from one country – 20%

From Our students

Learning languages it’s the most important thing that we do to construct our future and English is the universal language and I’m learning because I want to study in a country that the languages are Mandarin and English. I came to Durban because it’s one of the best cities to learn languages.

Livau Nhangave

Student, Mozambique

I arrived in Durban three weeks ago, so I don’t have a definite opinion yet. The winter is much milder than the winter I know in France. The people are more friendly compare to French people. The road infrastructure is very good.

The lessons in DLC are very good. The atmosphere of the school also.

I find South Africa very interesting about this history. I think they are a lot of diversity. I meet black, white, coloured and Indian origin people in several weeks.


Student, France

I am studying in DLC, I am learning English. In DLC I have big opportunity to meet the people from different countries, for me, it is very important to my life.
I have made many new friends and I know beautiful places. I love Durban yhis is a good place, the people are very polite and the weather is awesome.


Student, Brasil

I have been in South Africa for a while now and I must say South Africa is beautiful, Durban to be specific. The people are friendly, and there is a lot that one can do here while studying or teaching.


Employee, Brasil

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