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…in a beautiful, culturally rich city.

Durban, also known as eThekweni in Zulu, is a sunny city on the east coast of South Africa in KwaZulu- Natal.

Durban Language Centre was situated in the suburb of Glenwood, which overlooks the Durban harbour until 2020. Following the pandemic we are now an online learning centre.

The city is sub-tropical, which means a moderate climate year-round and an ideal place to escape the South African winter. Durban is famous for its beautiful beaches which are only ten minutes away from the Durban Language Centre.


An amazing holiday destination


Durban boasts spectacular architecture from Colonial to post modern, with one of the largest collections of Art Deco buildings of any City in the World.

The city is situated in KwaZulu-Natal, which is considered the bastion of English in South Africa. While there are 11 national languges, Afrikaans is spoken more commonly in Cape Town, and Johannesburg. 

This means that Durban will afford you the best practical English speaking oportunity of any South African city. The diversity of our culture also allows visitors to immerse themselves in Durban with no fear of prejudice, regardless of race or creed.

Durban is cosmopolitan, boasting world class shopping, restaurants, and entertainment, and yet retains a truly authentic and unique cultural identity with a fusion of African, European and Asian cultures. 

A place to find yourself


Long stretches of open beach. Wide open game reserves with some of the most intriguing animals on the planet.

Delicious food from every culture on the planet is available, and  sometimes in unusual combinations.

Only in Africa.

African beauty within easy reach

Durban boasts miles of golden sand. The Indian ocean is warm year round, and the beaches range from commercial to rugged, with great surf, and plenty of accommodation available to suit any lifestyle.

The majestic Drakensburg (Dragon’s Mountains) which are a world Heritage site, are a relatively short drive away from Durban.

Cosmopolitan cities

Open your mind to new experiences, in a country which has the most interesting balance of international tastes, cultures, and ideologies, in a truly beautiful setting.

Durban is the sub-tropical world in one city. Parts of Durban bare an uncanny resemblance to Miami and the deeply ingrained beach culture is evident as people swim, surf and sunbathe all year round. The Indian population of Durban has had a profound influence on the gastronomical culture of the city, as Asian-South African fusion food is available where ever you go.

“I love Durban, and I’m constantly surprised by the natural beauty, great climate, and first world cities…..”

Eva (DLC Student)


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African beauty, represented by the aloe, with it’s succulent, apparently hostile spikes, is actually fragile…the water in their leaves showing the fertility of the soil.

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